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Mountain Ridge
Mature Businesswoman

Sara Fallat

Regional Vice President

Collaborated Projects:

  1. Team Legends Logo

  2. Team Graphic

  3. Legends Hierarchy Logo

Project Timeline

October 2022

March 2022

Team Graphic
April 2022

Sara has been proudly leading Team Legends for three years, and in March of 2022, she was ready to collaborate on her first official logo!

legend's former blue word mark logo

In April 2022, multiple Primerica Regional Vice Presidents and their teams competed in a fundraiser to see who could raise the most for an organization working to end human trafficking, A21.

social media graphic for a financial company fundraiser to abolish human trafficking

Over the following months, Sara's business made some amazing changes for the better, and she decided it was time for a new look!

legend's new green word mark logo
Legend's new gold word mark logo
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