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Mountain Ridge
Young Businesswoman

Amy Cracchiolo

Regional Vice President

Collaborated Projects:

  1. Team Fearless Logo

  2. Monthly Graphics

  3. Team Cracchiolo Logo


Even before owning his own company, I've been a witness to Bailey's excellence in art and design. I'm very grateful to see the professionalism and care he brings to every business and individual he works with.

Project Timeline


September 2022

Monthly Graphics
November 2021

October 2021

When I began working with Amy, her logo was a graphic she found online that she felt perfectly encapsulated the vision of her team. We used her found inspiration to create something specific to her style.

Fearless Word Mark Logo
Fearless Word Mark Logo
Fearless Logo Inspiration
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Since October 2021, I've had the honor of creating the team's graphics for social media posts, promotions, licensing, new hires, and closing with clients.

New year, new logo! Amy has brought a new focus to her business, bringing an official look to the name Cracchiolo.

Team Cracchiolo Word Mark Logo
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