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Bailey Knuth founder of Pacesetter Essential Services

Bailey Knuth

Founder & Chief Designer


Championing your vision with collective styling.


Built and managed to rank on Google.


Creating eye-catching excellence for your needs.

Video editing

Holding strong to the attention of your audience.


Just as a Pacesetter leads the pack in a race, we set the standard for excellence in design. We understand that in the race for consumer attention, five key values reign supreme:

1 - Quality

We deliver designs that not only meet but exceed expectations, embodying reliability, durability, and unparalleled excellence.

2 - Value for Money

Our designs offer exceptional value, striking the perfect balance between investment and benefit, ensuring our clients receive maximum value for their investment.

3 - Customer Service

Like a supportive team cheering on a runner, we provide exceptional customer service that is responsive, helpful, and empathetic, ensuring every client feels heard and supported.

4 - Trustworthiness and Reputation

Just as a respected runner earns trust through integrity, we've built a reputation as a trustworthy partner, evidenced by our track record of reliability, integrity, and ethical behavior.

5 - Innovation and Adaptability

We race ahead of the curve, constantly innovating and adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of design, ensuring our clients' brands are always at the forefront of industry trends and technologies.

At Pacesetter Essential Services, we don't just design; we lead. By embodying these values, we empower our clients to not only compete but excel in their marketplace, ensuring their brand stands out from the pack."

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